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Claims Review / Management

At KFDA, our Claims Review services by Kevin F. Donoghue & Associates experiences, expertise, and value-added  orientation ensure that your insurance supplier provides your company with the best possible claims service. Our claims monitoring process includes:
  • Evaluation of claims handling personnel, including professional qualifications and experience with companies and claims such as yours.
  • Review and evaluation of claims procedures. We insist on a detailed, written description of all such procedures, for analysis by our own claims specialists.
  • Analysis of actual claims. We choose a varied sample of claims for detailed review, and pass the results of our analysis along to you and the supplier.
  • Review of the carrier's reserving policies and procedures. Reserve practices can have a significant impact on your annual cash flow. Our goal is to ensure that your money is available for your use, and not your insurance company's.

Claims handling is not a strict science. At KFDA, we make the process work to your advantage.

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