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Competitive Marketing

Let KFDA help you take advantage of the marketing Cometitive Marketing Services by Kevin F. Donoghue & Associates process to achieve optimal coverage at the best possible price, without sacrificing program continuity. Over the past 39 years, we have helped hundreds of companies achieve dramatic premium reductions while actually improving both coverage and quality of service. Our highly experienced professional staff will help with every step in the marketing process:
  • Risk identification
  • Preparation of bid specifications
  • Identification of key markets
  • Solicitation of proposals
  • Controlled access to markets
  • Proposal analysis & evaluation
  • Negotiations

When we bring your insurance program to the market, we do so with an up-to-date knowledge of the competitive forces currently at work. We do so from a value-added perspective that evaluates each component of your program in terms of the actual benefits derived from each dollar spent. And finally, we do so with a long-term vision, understanding that the quality and cost-effectiveness of your insurance program must ultimately be measured in terms of your company's long range goals.

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