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KFDA is a risk management and insurance consultancy based in Boston, Massachusetts. Forty years of providing organizations with  unbiased  advice—minimizing both  costs  and  risk—has  earned  us  a  reputation  for  transforming  information  about  an organization into the knowledge that protects that organization from crippling financial loss.

Upcoming Conferences

KFDA will be appearing at the following:

Mar 22-24, 2018: Society of Risk Management Consultants - SRMC (Denver, CO)

Apr 15-18, 2018: Risk Management Society - RIMS Conference (San Antonio, TX)

 Oct 31-Nov 3, 2018: Society of Risk Management Consultants - SRMC (Austin, TX)

Nov 4-7, 2018: Construction Risk Conference - CRC  (Houston, TX)

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