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Group/Association Programs

We help a wide variety of professional and business associations develop Group/Association Programs by Kevin F. Donoghue & Associates cost-effective  risk management programs that meet the long term need of all their members. Our expertise includes:
  • In-depth studies of program feasibility.
  • Comparative analysis of self-insurance and other alternative financing methods.
  • Coverage specification.
  • Identification of appropriate insurance markets.
  • Program implementation and documentation.

Properly structured, an Association program can increase purchasing power, spread the risk of catastrophic loss, reduce overall cost, and provide a variety of risk management services which would otherwise be unavailable. On the other hand, a poorly structured program can reduce the benefits of access to the competitive marketplace and increase the level of risk faced by individual members.

KFDA can help you structure an Association program that maximizes benefits and minimizes risk. Please contact us to find out more.

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