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Program Audits

At KFDA, our program audits are rigorous and comprehensive.  In a detailed, straightforward report, we:

  • Identify the risks to which your company is exposed, particularly those which could result in a crippling or catastrophic loss. 
  • Assess the potential impact of these risks on your company's operations and finances. 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current insurance program, including coverage, cost, and quality of service.
  • Review appropriate non-insurance risk financing alternatives.
  • Recommend specific measures to reduce or eliminate exposure; improve coverage and reduce cost; and improve the overall quality of your risk management program, policies, and procedures

When we conduct an audit, we bring to bear our specialized knowledge of all phases of risk management and insurance; just under 40 years experience with hundreds of clients from a wide variety of fields; and most of all, our expert, independent judgment. The information we provide will save you money and improve your company's overall level of protection.

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