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Strategic Planning

At KFDA, we can help you plan and implement an effective, Strategic Planning services by Kevin F. Donoghue & Associates long term risk management strategy. Such a strategy requires clear, measurable goals; a step by step program aimed at achieving those goals; and practical method by which to measure progress on an on-going basis.

We bring to your planning process decades of experience helping hundreds of highly successful companies. We back that experience with our objective, in-depth understanding of every aspect of risk management, including:

  • Changes and trends in the insurance and re-insurance markets.
  • Innovations in coverage, risk financing alternatives, and other areas of risk management & insurance.
  • Risk management implications of internal business decision in such areas as plant location, mergers & acquisitions, and new product development.
  • Impact of legal and regulatory decisions on your risk management program.

At KFDA, we believe that effective strategic planning is a necessity, not a luxury. Our success, and our clients' success, is based on that belief.

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