Our Experiences in the Industries We Serve

We take a different perspective on risk assessment and insurance management. This means that how we deliver value to our clients is as varied as the clients we work with and the industries we serve. It also means that we identify opportunities that others overlook.

Sports & Entertainment

During construction of two different Professional Football stadiums, KFDA managed the projects’ insurance from purchase (including Force Majeure coverage) to closeout. This resulted in greater coverage at far more favorable costs.


By creating a risk purchasing group, KFDA ensured that the coverage obtained by individual members of the group benefited from purchase coverage volume. This meant greater, more stable coverage at a more competitive rate.


While working with a global chemical refinery, KFDA identified coverage overlaps between the international and North American divisions, saving the client significant cost of insurance that would otherwise be unrealized.

Real Estate

When a property manager, unable to secure insurance through traditional means, approached KFDA, we proposed alternative solutions that led to the creation of a captive, shifting control of insurance costs from the insurer to the client.

Fortune 500

After the hijacking of a cargo ship, a Fortune 500 company approached KFDA to help navigate negotiations, resulting in the client’s avoiding General Average charges, saving them significant cost of repair/replacement.

International Airport

When an international airport engaged KFDA to review insurance costs and exposures, we made a non-traditional recommendation, “weather insurance,” capping their cost of snow removal by shifting the risk of inclement weather from the municipality to the insurer.

No matter what industry your business is in, KFDA can help minimize your risk while maximizing your opportunities. >