Do you know where you are taking on too much risk? The biggest threat is most often the one you don’t see.

How your organization allocates risk not only directly affects your costs, but should also impact nearly every business decision.

Risk allocation improvement is one of the greatest opportunities in most organizations’ risk management process. Risk allocation also provides some of the largest returns on investment.

Whether you desire a discrete risk-based analysis of options or you would like to implement an ERM-based (Enterprise Risk Management) framework, following are our services that can help:

  • Contract Risk Allocation
    We identify risk related to your business agreements, assist in properly allocating it and ensure that critical insurance triggers are included.
  • Construction Advisory Services
    As an omnipresent component of construction, we will assist you in allocating risk properly from pre-construction through final acceptance, and ensure that it is efficiently financed and constantly monitored.
  • Insurance Requirements
    We will develop a customized set of insurance requirements by counterparty and type of risk to help protect your organization’s balance sheet.
  • Insurance Compliance
    Our experts will develop an insurance compliance framework and process, train employees to review certificates of insurance, and provide compliance exception support.
  • Risk Negotiation Support
    From large construction projects to service vendor contracts, we support our clients and their legal teams during negotiations regarding risk and insurance.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions/Due Diligence
    Whether you are buying, selling or merging and time is of the essence in your transaction, we evaluate risk and cost allocation and provide you the professional risk management advice you need when and where you need it.
  • ERM Support
    Enterprise Risk Management is not a new concept, but rather a cross-discipline formalization of the risk management process throughout an organization. We can be a valuable resource in the development of your risk register.

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