Are you accruing risk-related costs or investing in avoiding them? We’ll not only show you the difference; we’ll show you results.

At KFDA, we will partner with you to develop a tailored risk finance solution. Deductibles, self-insured retentions, self-insured trusts and captive insurance companies are valuable risk financing tools. KFDA will investigate your risk appetite and determine self-funded thresholds by type of exposure. Then, we will collaborate with key personnel to evaluate options and implement the chosen solution.

Our finance services include the following:

  • Minimize Cost of Risk
    Through constant interaction with the insurance and risk transfer markets, we have a birds-eye, independent view of what risk-related products and services should cost.

  • Insurance Procurement and Renewal Assistance
    We prepare specifications for headache-free evaluation and then identify and find the plan that meets your business’ unique needs.

  • Limit and Price Evaluation
    We will use our extensive pricing using statistically-based information and up-to-the-minute insurance marketplace experience that is appropriate coverage for your risks.

  • OCIPs and CCIPs
    Shifting the procurement model for construction insurance from pass-through to carefully-controlled is often the greatest area of risk-cost savings.

  • Captives
    We will assist you in evaluating the feasibility and, if indicated, the implementation of a captive insurance company to finance risks more efficiently than in the commercial marketplace.

  • Group & Association Programs
    We help a wide variety of professional and business associations develop cost-effective risk management programs that meet the long term needs of all their members.

  • Alternative Risk Financing
    Depending on the specific alternative risk financing vehicle, there are advantages and disadvantages. We help you determine and implement the most appropriate program for your particular needs.

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