An ill-informed response can be worse than having the wrong coverage. Are you improving your position or increasing your exposure?

Would you rather know what you need to do, or have someone help you do what needs to be done? For those clients who prefer implementation help or have a problem they would like solved, our consultants execute within the scope of their authority.

We can help with the following:

  • Outsourced Risk Management
    Change is constant. As your organization changes, so does its risk. Our consultants will support, or become your guide to, the management of risk.

  • Claims Management
    From the evaluation of claims handling procedures and personnel, to the analysis of actual claims and insurers’ reserving policies and practices, we make the process work to your advantage.

  • Negotiation Support
    Our knowledge of pricing, coverage, and claims processes coupled with our relationships benefits our clients in changing the shade of gray to their benefit in a negotiation.

  • Process Development
    From risk analysis, to allocation, to transfer, to compliance, to loss prevention, to claims, and then measurement, having processes in place is critical.

  • Broker Selection
    Knowing the industry from all angles, and working with our clients’ insurance brokers around the world, we can help find the best insurance broker for your organization.

  • TPA Selection
    As a critical component of your claims-handling process, let our experience help you develop the desired service framework and performance metrics to maximize claims-handling performance.

  • Claim Support
    At the time of a claim, we support our clients by evaluating coverage, countering claims denials and providing advice through the process.
  • Expert Witness
    Whether you need a professional opinion to determine your options, or an expert to provide testimony at a trial, our industry-recognized leaders in the field are available to help.

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